Below are the services in which we specialize:

  • Service contracts

  • Time & Materials Service and Repairs

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Installation Qualification / Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ)

  • Customized documentation required by particular customer SOPs

  • Calibrations

  • Installations

  • Moves with As-Found & As-Left Testing

  • Training for end-users to maintain systems in best condition

Our engineers are well versed in GDP, GMP, GLP, and are vaccinated against numerous human pathogens present in the various laboratory environments in which we operate.


ATG is uniquely situated to provide highly customized solutions for customers' internal protocols. Just ask us and we'll figure out a unique solution to meet your needs.

Refurbished Equipment

While service has been and always will be ATG’s core DNA, we do sell refurbished laboratory equipment along with service contracts / warranties, as we fully stand behind our work. In addition, to help our customers recover value for unused or decommissioned assets we provide the below services:

  • Buy equipment for cash, and offer consignment or brokerage solutions – customized to recover the highest value for our customers. We can help with anything from a single system to an entire lab liquidation

  • Accept trade-in equipment towards the purchase of another item or service

  • Provide the best free equipment assessment in the industry

For more information, see our Refurbished Equipment webpage.

Whether you are considering a contract plan or a time & materials service, call today to speak to a service representative who can assist with an assessment quotation and plan to meet your lab instrument service needs in a timely, expert and cost-effective manner.  Service excellence is our #1 goal!

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